About Us

        Our main line of operation is the manufacture of water based pigment dispersions and special printing products for the use in the textile printing, soap and detergent, paint, rubber and precast concrete industry. Apart from standard products we also have the facility to prepare products which are tailor made for the needs of individual users.

        The manufacturing  process and know-how is state of the art European technology and our partners and consultants are from Italy, a major European center for chemical production especially in the fields of our target industries.

        In keeping with European ambitions for each environment, we are strictly using eco-friendly, water-soluble raw materials.

       Our fully equipped and professionally staffed laboratories will not only ensure safety of process procedures and quality control, but also continuously engage in Research and Development to optimize production procedures, efficiency of products and keeping ecological standards. The external function of our R & D department will render technical services to our customers on optimal usage of products under their own processes and procedures.

        We are serving the dual function of a local supplier and export producer. We are well disposed to cater for the local industries producing textiles, soaps and detergents, paints, precast cement and rubber products. Through the network  within our well-established group of companies in the Far East, Europe and Africa, we have also built up steadily increasing exports of our products and services to these other parts of the world.